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Posted 1/23/2012 Printable Fact Sheet

45 OG/CC
(321) 494-6204/DSN 854-6204

The Operations Group is responsible for program management and operation of five squadrons which perform all Eastern Range launch operations including Delta II, Delta III, Atlas II, Atlas III, Titan IV, Space Shuttle, Pegasus, and Athena space launch vehicles. The Operations Group also provides support to Naval Ordnance Test Unit operations. In support of space launch operations, the Operations Group coordinates training for the wing, manages all wing spacecraft services systems and facilities, and manages the Patrick AFB air traffic complex, handling more than 24,000 aircraft operations annually.

1st Range Operations Squadron
1st ROPS
(321) 853-8306/DSN 467-8306
The 1st Range Operations Squadron is where the worlds finest spacelift and Range operations professionals work as a team to ensure mission success of spacelift, ballistic, and aeronautical test missions. 

The 1st Range Operations Squadron (ROPS) provides world-wide customers: high quality, requirements tailored, range operations, operations support management, and scheduling services. 

Detachment 1, Antigua Air Station, West Indies
The primary mission of Det 1, 45th Operations Group is to provide telemetry and radar tracking data to support space launches out of the Eastern Range. When not supporting its primary mission, the unit has the secondary mission of providing radar tracking data for locating and cataloging space objects in support of U.S. Space Command's Space Surveillance Network.

Det 1 is located on the island nation of Antigua, West Indies. Antigua is one of the northeastern most islands in the Leeward Island chain and is approximately 1,250 nautical miles southeast of Patrick AFB. The island is approximately 16 miles across at its widest point east-west , 12 miles across north to south and has a population of approximately 65,000. 

Detachment 2, Ascension Auxilary Air Field
The primary mission of Det 2, 45th Operations Group, is to provide telemetry and radar tracking data to support space launches out of the Eastern Range. When not supporting its primary mission, the unit has the secondary mission of providing radar tracking data for locating and cataloging space objects in support of the United States Space Command Space Surveillance Network.

Ascension Island is a British territory located in the South Atlantic more than 5,090 miles southeast of Patrick AFB and about 500 miles south of the equator--halfway between South America and Africa. Small and volcanic, the island has the appearance of a rough circle with an estimated diameter of six miles and an area of 34 square miles. 

Detachment 3, 45th Operations Group
(321) 494-6142/DSN 854-6142
Coordinates DOD nominal and contingency support for U.S. human space flight programs. The Commander of U.S. Strategic Command (CDRUSSTRATCOM) is the DOD Manager for Human Space Flight Support (HSFS) Operations and has responsibilities and authorities to validate operational support resources requested by NASA. As the DOD Manager's primary staff, Det 3 is the principle DOD interface for NASA's HSFS programs.

Det 3 coordinates astronaut rescue and recovery, landing site support, payload security, medical, airlift/sealift, and other support services as required. They develop plans for USSTRATCOM and coordinate with the military departments, combatant commands, DOD agencies, and other USG agencies. During manned missions, Det 3 activates their Support Operations Center to maintain contact with NASA and the Joint Space Operations Center. Det 3 also has liaison officers at the Johnson Space Center in Houston and USSTRATCOM at Offutt AFB.

Current Det 3 operations focus on the International Space Station and the three-man Russian Soyuz spacecraft used to transport U.S. astronauts to and from the ISS. When astronauts return via the Soyuz, NASA requires an aeromedical evacuation C-17. Det 3 personnel deploy for each Soyuz landing to coordinate with NASA, U.S. European Command, U.S. Central Command, and the Kazakhstan Defense Attaché Office. If an astronaut aeromedical evacuation is required, Det 3 personnel become the command and control (C2) element for deployed forces.

Det 3 is fully engaged in supporting NASA's future human spaceflight programs, such as the Orion Program that will take astronauts beyond low Earth orbit and NASA's partnering with corporate entities developing vehicles to transport NASA astronauts to the ISS. Det 3 trains personnel worldwide to ensure DOD is "ready to support" NASA's human space endeavors.

45th Operations Support Squadron
(321) 853-1032/DSN 467-1032
Promote assured access to space to fulfill war-fighting, CINC and national requirements by providing policy decisions, training, and airfield operations for the 45th Operations Group, while managing all airfield and air traffic control services for the 45th Space Wing. 

In fulfilling its mission, the 45th Operations Support Squadron (45 OSS) provides a variety of functions directly related to 45th Space Wing's launch operations. 

The 45th Launch Operations Support Flight provides behind-the-scenes support for all launches. Acting as protocol, the launch operations support flight helps coordinate tours and launch viewing for distinguished visitors and coordinating launch critical briefings and conferences. 

The 45th Airfield Operations Flight manages the Patrick AFB airfield and provides air traffic control services in support of the space range and the National Airspace System. The Patrick AFB air traffic Control Tower is one of the newest in the Air Force. Base Operations provides transient and base-assigned aircraft ground services and has supported numerous multi-service deployments and humanitarian missions. 

The Current Operations Flight coordinates and implements Wing-level policies and procedures which provide the structure for launch operations. As such, the squadron is the Wing's interface to Air Force Space Command, 14th Air Force and other major air commands for long-term planning and resolving operational issues. 

The Spacelift Operations Training Flight provides Wing training policy and guidance for more than 100 space launch operators. They coordinate launch operations and instructor training for all 45th Operations Group mission-ready personnel, as well as directly assist the operations squadrons in improving their unit training programs. The Operations Training Flight serves as the Operations Group interface with higher headquarters on all new training requirements and procedures.

45th Range Management Squadron
(321) 476-2898/DSN 233-2898
Provide operations and maintenance services for all range instrumentation and critical launch facilities and quality assurance support to wing and delegated contractual efforts essential to the success of the 45th Space Wing and its customers.

45th Space Communications Squadron 
(321) 494-2179, DSN 854-2179
Guaranteed, protected access to a full range of data, information and services

Provides a climate of trust, respect and equal opportunity emphasizing accountability, recognition and improvement of people and processes

Maintains mission-ready C4I including closed-circuit television, airfield facilities, wideband communications and client training 

Provides protected communications and information infrastructure including voice, video, network and customer services 

Manages communications plans, programs and policies facilitating system integration, architecture and office automation 

45th OG Standardization & Evaluation
(321) 853-3385/DSN 467-3385
To guarantee assured access to space by ensuring sound procedures, effective training, and personnel performance result in a successful launch.

45th Weather Squadron
(321) 853-8485/DSN 467-8485 
Exploit the Weather to Assure Access to Air and Space.

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