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RENEWAL/REPLACEMENT of Retiree and Dependent ID cards are processed through the online process only. All other customers may visit the Customer Support Section for assistance.

Instructions for ID Card Renewal can be found on the 45th Force Support Squadron webpage. To contact the ID card section, call (321) 494-6144 or email custrsvc@us.af.mil.  The office is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. The office is closed the third Friday of each month for training, Federal holidays and designated Family Days. Other locations for ID cards include: NRC Orlando (407) 240-5939, NSA Orlando 407-380-4313/4315, ARCO Orlando 407-643-2322 and NMWR Miami (305) 293-3778.  

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For Base Operator call (321) 494-1110

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How cool is this?!
Although we are celebrating our 75th anniversary throughout the year, our diamond gala sure was a fun event remembering our history, heritage and celebrating the way ahead! #20AF75th #SentinelWarriors
"You cannot win the war if you do not even show up for the battle." April is National Distracted Driving Awareness month. How do missile field rollovers impact our mission? Click the link below to find out. http://ow.ly/lM3r50qkfzU
We’ve been in the lethality business for a long time. #Lethal #Safe #Sure
Our Diamond Anniversary gala is underway! Check out our awesome denim and diamonds decor 💎 and check back here next week for more photos! #20AF75th #Lethal #Safe #Sure
🎶 Happy 75th Birthday to us! Here’s to another 75 years of #lethality, #readiness and #excellence! Stay tuned for photos from our birthday bash! 🎂 #20AF75th #Lethal #Safe #Sure
"It was both an extraordinary and astonishing remark, perhaps even hyperbolic." April 4, 1944 was a very special day for us 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Find out why in the link below ⬇️
#OTD in #20AFHistory, in 1963, the first #TitanII went on alert at complex 570-2, Davis-Monthan AFB, only twenty-eight months after construction began. Nine months later, on 30 November, all Titan IIs of Davis-Monthan’s 390th Strategic Missile Wing had achieved alert status, making it the first of the three Titan II wings to do so. #SentinelWarriors #20AF75th
#OTD in #20AFHistory, in 1945, as part of the bombardment campaign leading to the upcoming Okinawa landings, more than 151 of 161 B-29's dispatched from the XXI BC attack an aircraft factory at Omura, Oita Navy Airfield, Kyushu and Tachiarai Army Airfield, Kyushu; three B-29's attacked other targets. During the night of 27-28 March, 92 of 102 B-29's dispatched from the 313th Bombardment Wing to sow mines in Shimonoseki Strait between Honshu and Kyushu, and two B-29's mine other waters. #SentinelWarriors
Many of you have met Chief Good and his family, and know the impact he has left on so many of us. A few weeks ago, he hung up his uniform after 29 years of faithful service. Best of luck in your new chapter, Chief! http://ow.ly/rIvg50o9qoy
This week for #WomenInMissiles, we go back in time to 1 January, 1988. After extensive studies, and in order to make #missile crew alert tour scheduling and substitutions more flexible, Strategic Air Command policy changed to permit mixed (male/female) two-person crews in #Minutemen and #Peacekeeper launch facilities. Crewmembers who were uncomfortable with this arrangement, still had the option to opt out of serving on mixed crew duty. #20AF #WomensHistoryMonth
For this week’s #WomenInMissiles, we take a look at #OTD in #20AFHistory in 2016. To honor Women’s History Month, 90 female missileers completed a 24-hour alert across 20th Air Force missile wings in Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota. Photo 1. #Missileers from the 90th Operations Group at F. E. Warren AFB, Wyo., retired Col. Pat Fornes, the first female officer on a U.S. missile crew and the first female missile squadron commander; and Retired Col. Linda Aldrich, first female Minuteman ICBM crew member. Photo 2. A missileer from Malmstrom AFB, Mont., displays her patch designed to commemorate the event. #WomenPioneers #LeadingTheWay #20AF #WomensHistoryMonth
It’s the first day of spring! Today the length of day and night will be nearly equal. Who’s ready to say goodbye to winter?!🙋 At #20AF, blizzard, rain or shine, the nuclear mission never stops. Our #Airmen are always #OnAlert and #CombatReady.
#OTD in #20AFHistory, in 1964 the third wing of #Minuteman ICBMs was completed when the 742nd Strategic Missile Squadron assigned to the 455th Strategic Missile Wing, was turned over to Strategic Air Command at Minot AFB, North Dakota. #ICBM #SentinelWarriors
#DYK that #20AF is responsible for maintaining and operating the ENTIRE Air Force's ICBM force? Well, now you do! #SentinelWarriors
20th Air Force headquarters staff hosted a bowling tournament last week, one of the many events planned this year celebrating our 75th anniversary! Congratulations to the 90th MW Finance team for taking home the trophy! #20AF75th #SentinelWarriors
For this week’s #WomenInMissiles edition of our continuing celebration of women #missileers, we are highlighting Capt. Linda S. Aldrich. Aldrich and Capt. Nancy K. Dean became the first all-female crew to stand alert at Whiteman AFB in 1986. Aldrich became the first woman instructor in the training division, and Dean became the first woman to join the evaluations division. Pictured here is Capt. Aldrich. (Courtesy photo of Linda S. Aldrich) #WomenPioneers #LeadingTheWay #20AF #WomensHistoryMonth
Check out our female #missileers at Minot, N.D., who joined fellow missileers from Malmstrom AFB and F.E. Warren AFB for an all-female alert crew! Now THOSE are some awesome superheroes! #WomenInMissiles #20AF #InternationalWomensDay
Last night, while America slept, an all-female alert crew kept watch over the entire U.S. ICBM force. This tradition has been going on since 2011. What a way to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay! Keep on rocking it, ladies! #20AF #WomenInMissiles
Is there a better way to kick off Veteran’s Day than with a successful launch?Thank you to the veterans that paved… https://t.co/EtXyjSvstp
Be sure to check out the #Starlink launch #LIVE on the 45th Space Wing Facebook page or the SpaceX webcast! https://t.co/mXomZYhYuD
Good Morning!!! Today is launch day! 🚀 https://t.co/T1Vy2zFnxt
RT @AFSpace: The @45thSpaceWing doesn't just launch rockets! Check out Col Walton, 45 SW Vice Commander, and leadership's Mission Support G…
RT @SecAFOfficial: The X-37B continues to demonstrate the importance of a reusable spaceplane. Each successive mission advances our nation’…
It is with great excitement we announce the 45th SW has been selected as a recipient of the Air Force Outstanding U… https://t.co/wvnwrCwGC5
Some of our #K9 handlers and their #MilitaryWorkingDogs hosted a demonstation for a local #CubScout pack recently 🐕… https://t.co/NfY34YcU1y
Yesterday, a staple on our golf course, Lt. Col. (ret.) John Younger celebrated his #100thBirthday. Younger served… https://t.co/YdtvCAK15A
RT @NASA: 3, 2, 1 DROP! 🛰 @northropgrumman’s Stargazer aircraft released the #PegasusXL rocket that is carrying our #NASAICON satellite to…
RT @NASAKennedy: 🚨 LAUNCH UPDATE 🚨 Due to weather in the area, @NASA and @northropgrumman have decided to move the Pegasus XL and ICON laun…
Did you catch Brig. Gen. Schiess on the hill this morning? He attended the @AirForceAssoc's Space Breakfast to dicu… https://t.co/H5eTY1O5D9
#KnowYourMil One of our own attempted to try to save the life of the driver whose dump truck crashed on Pineda Caus… https://t.co/EPKzwhQCvY
The accident has cleared. All travel on Pineda Causeway is open. https://t.co/HULpbNOVDV
Major car accident on the east bound lanes of Pineda Causeway! East bound is closed and looks like it will be for… https://t.co/mKa4e1iPqJ
RT @Florida_Today: When Spanish explorers back in the 1500s were out venturing and discovering the swampy lands that became known as the pr…
RT @NASA: Tomorrow night, three space travelers return home to Earth from @Space_Station. @AstroHague 🇺🇸, Alexey Ovchinin 🇷🇺 and @Astro_Haz
RT @NASAKennedy: After a cross-country journey beginning at @30thSpaceWing, @northropgrumman's L-1011 Stargazer landed at @45thSpaceWing wi…
You may have seen her around base and on our social media, so now officially meet our new vice comander, Col. Brand… https://t.co/kSG2PTYlQW
Yesterday, #defenders from the 45th Security Forces Squadron retired #MWD Beta. Beta, a 9-year old patrol & detecti… https://t.co/ymFm9RkHIq
This morning Col Marshall, 45th Mission Support Group commander, and Airmen from the 45th Logistics Readiness Squad… https://t.co/cqXBU5LqSh