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45th Launch Group


Vigorously pursue mission success through seamless partnerships with launch and satellite systems directorates to satisfy National, Civil and Combatant Commander requirements for space access.

45th Launch Support Squadron

The 45th Launch Support Squadron delivers a broad array of organic launch and launch support capabilities. In partnership with the satellite system directorates, 45 LCSS provides launch-base mission assurance for satellites by overseeing spacecraft hardware arrival, launch preparations, testing and launch. In addition, the squadron contains a program management office which ensures delivery of mission-critical facilities, launch support services such as training and ordnance management, and programmatic resources to Eastern Range customers. Finally, 45 LCSS provides a single interface for emerging DoD, civil, and commercial launch providers to access 45th Space Wing services and successfully bring new launch capabilities to the United States.

5th Space Launch Squadron

The 5th Space Launch Squadron provides world-class mission integration, technical surveillance and risk assessment of Atlas V and Delta IV launch vehicle processing, scheduling and operations in pursuit of 100% mission success from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla.

45th Space Wing


Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle, is designed to improve our nation's access to space by making space launch vehicles more affordable and reliable by reducing launch costs by at least 25 percent over heritage Atlas, Delta and Titan space launch systems.
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