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  • Competion feels "bite" of third straight Guardian Challenge win

    They came. They saw. They kicked some Chicken Hawk butt. And they proved the third time isn't just a charm, it's also habit-forming. "Being recognized - three times in row - as the 'Best Spacelift Wing' in Space Com-mand and bringing home the Schriever Trophy is a habit we can get used to," said a smiling Brig. Gen. Susan Helms, 45th Space Wing
  • Wing wins AFSPC Installation Excellence Award

    In 1984 the President established the Commander-in-Chiefs' Annual Award for Installation Excellence to recognize the outstanding efforts of the people who operate and maintain Department of Defense installations and who have done the best with their resources to support the mission. Time to chalk up another win for the 45th Space Wing. For the
  • 'Still Serving:' Volunteer motto pay$ off

    Retired Air Force Chief Harold J. McAnulty - known as "Jerry" to his friends - doesn't think his reasons for volunteering are any different than the hundreds of volunteers who greatly enhance the quality of life in and around the 45th Space Wing."I do it because I am still serving our country," said Mr. McAnulty, "and that's the exact same reason
  • Bringing down the house: Old tower demolished to make way for new programs

    More than 6,500 tons of steel crashed to the surface at Space Launch Complex 40 April 27 when the old mobile service tower (MST) here was toppled as part of the ongoing project to demolish the historic site.At the end of a ceremonial countdown by 45th Space Wing Commander Brig. Gen. Susan Helms, just over 200 pounds of high explosives and
  • Perfection remains the standard; AFSPC commander lauds Wing's success, professionalism

    Gen. C. Robert Kehler, commander, Air Force Space Command, accompanied by his wife Marjorie made his first official visit to Patrick Air Force Base and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Tuesday and Wednesday.He obviously liked what he saw."Control of the battlefield really does begin here," said General Kehler, who assumed command six months ago at
  • Volunteers make income taxes add up

    Tech Sgt. Mark Lasala doesn't really consider himself much of a "last-minute" kind of guy. That's why he found himself over at the Shark Center Tuesday afternoon - April 15 for those keeping score without a calendar - getting his 2007 federal income tax return completed.Doing that work for Sergeant Lasala - free of charge by the way - was Carl
  • Medical Group observes Health Information Privacy Week

    "Confidential is Essential-Protect Health Information" is the theme of Health Information Privacy and Security Week 2008. This invaluable awareness event, held Sunday through April19, assures our communities that the Medical Group takes extraordinary measures to put and keep health information in the right hands.The Health Insurance Portability and
  • First term Airmen get a good start

    In the civilian world, employees who start a new job typically begin their first day by visiting the Human Resources Department. They start by filling out papers to initiate their W-2 information, health insurance and other important documents. In many cases the new employees transition right into their jobs with little familiarization training.In