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  • Upcoming launch year to be a blast

    With scheduled missions to the sun and the moon and the inaugural launches of Falcon 9 vehicles from Cape Canaveral AFS, 2008 looks to be an exciting year of Eastern Range operations. Although a fluid document that's always subject to change, the Eastern Range manifest is currently loaded with about 20 missions - an exciting mix of national
  • 1st SLS home of workhorse Delta II

    Tech Sgt. Will McCormick of the 1st Space Launch Squadron is a veteran 35 launches. When he became a member of the 45th Space Wing, the current Atlas V and Delta IV vehicles weren't operational. "We had the Titan IV and Delta II. I was selected for the Delta II program," he said.On launch day he typically works in the Launch Control Center,
  • NSPS pay pools in process of reconciliation

    Patrick's National Security Personnel Service (NSPS) pay pool panels are in the process of reconciliation, and those employees under the new pay system can expect to receive their appraisals in the first few weeks of the new year, according to Darlene Berger, the 45th Space Wing's program manager."We are working to ensure each pay pool applies a
  • Atlas V launch scores major milestones

    Shortly after the Atlas V rumbled off the pad late Monday afternoon, Maj. Dewitt Morgan "high-fived" Rick Day in the Morrell Operations Center's mission control room and said, "Great launch! Way to turn the Range."The two members of the 1st Range Operations Squadron were in celebratory moods as the Atlas V carried a National Reconnaissance Office
  • AFTAC holds annual Pearl Harbor Memorial Ceremony

    The Air Force Technical Applications Center held its 13th Annual Pearl Harbor Memorial Ceremony Dec. 7, to honor Pearl Harbor survivors.The ceremony featured AFTAC troops in formation, AFTAC members of the Patrick Air Force Base Honor Guard, and Florida Air Academy's Junior ROTC color guard and saber team.The guest speaker was Duane Reyelts, the
  • Toy drive gives back to local community

    Patrick's 1st Sergeants Association will be making the holiday season just a little bit brighter for more than 300 foster children throughout Brevard County, according to Senior Master Sgt. Bill Trainer, who is heading up his organization's 6th annual Toy Drive.Sergeant Trainer said his association works hand-in-hand with Community Based Care of
  • Residents adjust as dorm renovations begin

    Starting with 11 rooms, renovations have begun on the dormitories on Patrick AFB. Each room is to get fresh paint, carpet, bathroom fixtures, "the whole nine yards," said Tech. Sgt. Spellman LeBlanc, dorm manager, 45th Civil Engineer Squadron. "The dorms were last renovated in 1996," said Sergeant LeBlanc, "by our standards, they're outdated."The
  • Delta IV puts last DSP satellite in precise orbit

    The Delta IV Heavy booster that launched the final Defense Support Program into space here Nov. 10 put it into a spot in orbit that many are saying may be the most precise inject of a DSP satellite ever."The satellite was placed 35 nautical miles from the targeted apogee and six nautical miles from our targeted perigee. I'd call that spot on