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  • Residents adjust as dorm renovations begin

    Starting with 11 rooms, renovations have begun on the dormitories on Patrick AFB. Each room is to get fresh paint, carpet, bathroom fixtures, "the whole nine yards," said Tech. Sgt. Spellman LeBlanc, dorm manager, 45th Civil Engineer Squadron. "The dorms were last renovated in 1996," said Sergeant LeBlanc, "by our standards, they're outdated."The
  • Delta IV puts last DSP satellite in precise orbit

    The Delta IV Heavy booster that launched the final Defense Support Program into space here Nov. 10 put it into a spot in orbit that many are saying may be the most precise inject of a DSP satellite ever."The satellite was placed 35 nautical miles from the targeted apogee and six nautical miles from our targeted perigee. I'd call that spot on
  • Runway undergoing three-phase renovation

    A three-phase renovation of the base's main runway began Nov. 7. It will continue for approximately the next five months, according to Lt. Col. Patrick Youngson, operations officer, 45th Operations Support Squadron."The Patrick Air Force Base runway construction project will remove and replace the top several inches of the asphalt as well as
  • USAF launches last DSP (EARLY WARNING) satellite

    The U.S. Air Force successfully launched the 23rd and last Defense Support Program satellite on a United Launch Alliance-built Delta IV-Heavy Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle from Space Launch Complex 37B Nov. 10 here. For almost four decades, DSP satellites have provided early warning for Intercontinental Ballistic Missile launches. DSP
  • Remembering our vets, honoring the flag

    Sunday is Veterans Day, a day to honor and reflect on all of those who served this nation as a member of the United States Armed Forces. According to the Senate Resolution 357 that was passed Oct. 26, tens of millions of Americans have served in the Armed Forces of the United States during this past century. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have
  • Young officer spearheads prep of last DSP

    When 1st Lt. Lindsey Mahoney was born in 1982, Defense Support Program Satellites had been launching for nearly a dozen years. Tomorrow night between 8:39 and 10:42 p.m., the Clearwater, Fla. native, is scheduled to help put an exclamation point on the much-valued constellation with the 23rd -- and last -- launch of a DSP satellite. The first DSP
  • ROCC renamed after Gen. Morrell

    The Range Operations Control Center, or "ROCC," at Cape Canaveral AFS was renamed the Morrell Operations Center Nov. 2 in honor of the late Maj. Gen. Jimmey R. Morrell. General Morrell was the first commander of the 45th Space Wing. He served in that capacity from Nov. 12, 1991, through June 23, 1993. He and his family settled in Brevard County
  • Athletes compete in Wing Olympiad

    The 45th Mission Support Group, including the Wing Staff and Support Agencies, claimed bragging rights and the Sports Day Olympiad trophy for 2007 during wing sports day Oct 26. Scoring 77 total points overall was enough to earn the top honor. Coming in second place with 70 points overall was the 45th Launch Group and finishing third with 64 points