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  • Falcon 9 Echostar-23

    Falcon 9 Echostar-23 - March 23, 2017 from Launch Pad 39A.
  • Air Force's first HC-130 takes its final flight to retirement

    After more than 50 years of faithful service and rescue missions spanning the globe, King 52, the first HC-130 configured for Air Force rescue in 1964, retires March 6, 2017. Accompanied by its 920th Rescue Wing dedicated crew chiefs and a nostalgic aircrew, the aircraft, Tail number 4852, heads to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, from
  • Rescue warrior battles it out on prime time reality show

    Most people would jump at the chance to be stranded on a tropical island with a beautiful model. But what if it meant living in the jungle; making your own shelter; scavenging for your own food; encountering dangerous creatures, raging rivers, and extreme weather and competing against nine other couples in a physically and mentally draining
  • 29 Patrick-Cape members promote in March

    Congratulations to the following 29 Team Patrick-Cape members who are scheduled to promote in the month of March:AIRMAN 1st CLASS: Heather A. Jarmuz, Cyber Caps Squadron   SENIOR AIRMAN:David M. Carter, Cyber Caps Squadron  Daniel A. Ellis, OL CE00 45th Civil Engineer Squadron Anthony T. Eubanks, 45th Contracting Squadron  Ralph T. Shutts Jr, 45th
  • Patrick AFB gate hours to change: Effective March 6

    The Patrick AFB South and East Gate (formerly known as the Main gate), will permanently swap operating hours beginning March 6, 2017. The East gate hours of operation will change to open at 6 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. The South gate hours will change to be accessible 24-hours.  This change is designed to enhance safety for patrons, to increase
  • Air Force Eastern Range innovates, expedites access to space

    The U.S. Air Force has been breaking barriers since 1947, and this year is no exception with the implementation of the Autonomous Flight Safety System. The Eastern Range has supported more than 3,500 launches to date. With more stakeholders demanding access to space, both the Eastern and the Western Ranges were faced with developing innovative solutions to launch rockets without compromising public safety while accounting for aging infrastructure and recognizing that the wing has fewer resources and personnel accomplishing comparable and greater launch rates than before. AFSS provides the capability to not only reduce reliance on aging range infrastructure, but enhances the ability to support more launches by expediting range turnaround times with more stringent safety standards and fewer people on console while reducing overall launch costs.
  • AF begins migrating email to cloud-based system in 2017

    The dreaded “your mailbox is full” message is soon to be a thing of the past under a recent directive by the Air Force Space Command to realign resources to more critical priorities and outsourcing services like email. The Air Force Lifecycle Management Center (AFLMC) and Air Force Network Integration Center (AFNIC) partnered with industry under
  • Patrick to celebrate AF Aid Society March 10

    All DoD ID card holders are invited to attend the birthday celebration of the 75th Anniversary Air Force Aid Society, at 1:15 p.m., March 10, 2017, at the Airman & Family Readiness Center at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla.