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  • They don’t ask why, they only ask where

    Debbie Wilson, daughter of Jon Myhre; Rep. Bill Posey, 8th District of Florida; Brig. Gen. Wayne Monteith, 45th Space Wing commander; Retired Navy Rear Admiral Samuel Cox, Naval history and heritage command director and curator; Retired Army Capt. Jon Myhre, Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale historical association and museum member; and Capt. John
  • Airmen navigate through education fair

    Navigating through college websites, academic handbooks and admissions can be an overwhelming task when it comes to landing the right school. Whether Airmen are at the beginning of their journey or planning to continue on, the Education Fair at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida April 4, 2017, was a step in the right direction for those seeking higher
  • Change is coming

    Airmen are seeing a change to their Outlook accounts that mirrors the capability that they have come to expect with their personal email.Beginning April 5, 2017, the base begins fully migrating to the Cloud Hosted Enterprise Services system, under the Collaboration Pathfinder project, increasing storage to 1,000 times of the old capacity.The
  • 25 Patrick-Cape members promote in April

    Congratulations to the following 25 Team Patrick-Cape members who are scheduled to promote in the month of April: AIRMAN: Miranda S. Croom, 45th Contracting Squadron        AIRMAN 1st CLASS: James A. Keeney, Air Force Technical Applications Center                                      Valerie L. Reeves, Cyber Caps Squadron       Seth R. Williams,
  • Patrick ALS graduates, class 17-3

    Airman Leadership School students gather for a class photo March 13, 2017, at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla. Airman Leadership School is a five-and-a-half week-long course that prepares Airmen to become noncommissioned officers. (U.S. Air Force photo/Matthew Jurgens)  The following graduated Patrick Air Force Base Airman Leadership School during a
  • $18.6 million project begins on Cape

    The 45th Space Wing’s communication capabilities took a giant step forward with the groundbreaking of the new Range Communications Facility March 16, 2017.  A ceremony was held to signify the start of construction for the Eastern Range’s $18.6 million project, which will replace the former XY communications building, and serve as the new work
  • Det. 3 supports NY ANG pararescuemen test of Orion spacecraft rescue support equipment

    When NASA’s Orion spacecraft returns from its missions beyond the moon, the crew module will splash down in the ocean just like the Apollo capsules that took men to the moon and back in the 1970s.The space agency needs to make sure the rescue support equipment for the Orion crew module is practical, so NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory and the