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  • Elite team prevents launch interference

    Today's modern rockets have many delicate systems, all of which must function perfectly for a smooth launch.Besides the many professionals of the 45th Space Wing, an elite group of Airmen and civilians from the 85th Engineering Installation Squadron at Keesler Air Force Base, Miss., are doing their part to ensure those launches take place.The EIS
  • Associates indispensible at Riverside

    Please call them "Associates." They like that handle - they've earned it. They are an indispensible part of the team, and without them, Patrick Air Force Base's premiere eatery, the Riverside Dining Facility, would be hard-pressed to fulfill its mission of providing three nutritious and tasty meals a day to the base's hungry enlisted personnel.Who
  • Apollo 1: We must never forget them

         It was Jan. 27, 1967, and the three astronauts assigned to the Apollo 1 mission climbed into the Command Module mounted on the Saturn 1B on Launch Complex 34 for what was to be a routine "full dress rehearsal" for their scheduled launch date of Feb 21.     It turned out to be anything but routine. Approximately five and one-half hours after
  • Deployment opportunities available for civilians

    Whether it's helping Iraqis with reconstruction projects or assisting Afghans with their motor pools, the Air Force relies on its civilian work force to help meet its global mission requirements. And the Air Force is not alone. In recent years, more than 1,100 Department of Defense civilians volunteered to fill 129 provincial reconstruction team
  • Going Down! Selected Central Housing units targeted for demolition

    Recently, the Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment authorized Hunt Pinnacle Communities LLC to move forward with the demolition of 68 old units in Central Housing. With this authorization, Hunt Pinnacle began mobilizing, and buildings on Blue Sky Lane have started coming down. Safety is a primary concern for Central Housing
  • Comm Helpdesk: circuit surgeons

    Being sick is never fun and to add insult to injury, having to try and explain your symptoms to a doctor only makes it worse. However, by listening patiently and deciphering nontechnical medical language the doctor is able to make a diagnosis and prescribe a cure. But what happens when a computer is 'sick' and not functioning properly? There are
  • Local pharmacists participate in 120-day humanitarian deployment

    Local pharmacists participate in 120-day humanitarian deployment By Chris Calkins 45th Space Wing Public Affairs Maj. Efrain Delvalle-Ortiz and Staff Sgt. Uriel H. Negron now have their sea legs. That's what happens to 45th Medical Group Pharmacy Airmen who spend 120 days on USNS Comfort, where they joined forces with 650 other joint-service
  • 42 years of “just a little longer”

    The Beatles released "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album. Hollywood's box office hits were, "The Graduate," "Bonnie and Clyde" and "Cool Hand Luke." Gasoline was 33 cents a gallon, movie tickets were $1.25, the average cost of a new home was $14,250 and a new car would cost around $2,750. That was 1967--the year Maj. Gen. Thomas Deppe,
  • Air Force basketball team returns to Patrick

    The Patrick Air Force Base Fitness Center is the base camp for 15 female Airmen who are in training for the 2009 Armed Forces Basketball Championship.These players are from bases throughout the country and the world, including one Airman assigned to Misawa Air Base, Japan.The Armed Forces Championship consists of six games to determine the overall
  • Weather Airmen run across Sunshine State

    How many Airmen does it take to cross the state of Florida?Eighteen, according to the 45th Weather Squadron, because that's how many ran in the 2009 Sunrise to Sunset Relay March 27-28.The Sunrise to Sunset Relay is an across-the-state marathon starting out at Jensen Beach and finishing at Fort Myers, a total of 178 miles broken down into 36