MEDDAC-Japan Soldier Teaches Students at Local University
US Army Garrison - Japan
April 19, 2019 | 3:18
MEDDAC-Japan Soldier Teaches Students at Kitazato University:

Lieutenant Colonel Evan Nonaka, deputy commander for Nursing at U.S. Army Medical Department Activity Japan, and Robyn Mori, chief nurse at MEDDAC-J, recently provided nursing students at the Kitazato University Nursing School near Camp Zama with a day of English-language training.

Interview: Machiko Taruzuka Shahzad, Junior Associate Professor, Kitazato University
Kitazato University Nursing School has English classes where freshman from other departments study together, but this is the only class where our nurse practitioner students can learn English-language medical terminology. In this course, we invite native English-speaking guests to teach the students English terms that nurses use in a medical environment, based on their own experiences. Hopefully, the students come to understand the importance of knowing certain English medical terminology in the event they have to treat a patient who speaks only English. That is the purpose of this class.

During the lecture, Nonaka and Mori gave the students pronunciation lessons on some of the English medical terminology found in their textbook. Nonaka also taught the students conversational English by having them listen to audio cues on CD. This gave the students an idea of some of the common scenarios someone working in a nursing unit at a hospital may encounter.

Interview: Chisato Hasuda, Second-year Student, Kitazato University

Interview: Chiaki Otsuka, Second-year Student, Kitazato University
This was a great experience for me because I wasn’t familiar with many of the English medical terms the guest explained, and I wasn’t aware of the existence of military medical personnel until today. So I think deepening our knowledge through events like this helps us to provide a better quality of treatment to a variety of patients.

The training exchange between Kitazato University Hospital and MEDDAC-Japan began more than 20 years ago. Both organizations established the relationship in order to develop numerous opportunities to support each other.

Interview: LTC Evan Nonaka, Deputy Commander for Nursing, MEDDAC Japan

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