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                                                                      *Current as of Jan. 5, 2018

East Gate


 South Gate Open
PAFB Fitness Center Open                        

 CCAFS Fitness Center  Open


Housing  Open
 FamCamp Open

 Marina   Open  
 CDC Open
 Youth Center Open                        



BX Main Store





 Legal Open  
Finance Open
 Airman & Family Readiness Center Open 

 Vet Clinic Open
 Medical Group Open

Bowling Alley


 Bistro  Open
 Golf Course   Open
Golf Course Clubhouse Open

Tiki Bar      Open   
 Beach House Open                                
 ITT  Open  
 Auto Hobby Shop  Open  
Outdoor Recreation  Open
Beaches  Open   
 The Tides Club Open            

Library   Open

Hurricane Conditions

General Hurricane Season, June 1 to Nov. 30

Hurricane Condition 5 is declared by the 45th Space Wing commander when the forecast calls for the arrival of 58 m.p.h. sustained winds or greater within 96 hours. Monitor storm reports on local radio and television stations.

Hurricane Condition 4 is declared by the 45th Space Wing commander when the forecast calls for the arrival of 58 m.p.h. sustained winds or greater within 72 hours. Stock up emergency supplies. Copy important papers and phone numbers; store in storm-proof place. Individuals evacuating should decide now where to go in preparation for an evacuation order. Monitor storm reports on local radio and television stations. Review the emergency evacuation instructions. Contact your unit for further instructions.


Hurricane Condition 3 is declared by the 45th Space Wing commander when the forecast calls for the arrival of 58 m.p.h. sustained winds or greater within 48 hours. Individuals planning to evacuate should know the route they will take. Contact your unit for further instructions.


Hurricane Condition 2 is declared by the 45th Space Wing commander when the forecast calls for the arrival of 58 m.p.h. sustained winds or greater within 24 hours. Bring in lawn furniture, trash cans, potted plants and other loose objects. Individuals planning to evacuate should know the route they will take. Contact your unit for further instructions. 

Hurricane Condition 1 is declared by the 45th Space Wing commander when the forecast calls for the arrival of 58 m.p.h. sustained winds or greater possible within 12 hours. If in effect, evacuation orders should be followed. Once the storm is within 12 hours, turn refrigerator and freezer to their highest setting; freeze water in jugs. Fill sinks and tubs with water for bathing and sanitary purposes. Residents on high ground away from beaches may consider riding out the storm. All preparations should be complete. Remain indoors if riding out the storm. Listen constantly to storm reports and board windows and glass doors.

Indicates surface winds in excess of 58 m.p.h. are occurring and other dangerous condition associated with the storm are present. All outside activity is strictly prohibited.

Indicates life-threatening storm hazards have passed but damage may persist and only emergency responders and damage assessment personnel are released to move about.

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Meet a Victim’s Advocate: Oren Gilbert
Congratulations to the following Airmen scheduled to promote this month! Best wishes on your future endeavors. AIRMAN FIRST CLASS: Dominic Pennacchio, 22nd Surveillance Squadron Wesley Smith, 22nd Surveillance Squadron SENIOR AIRMAN: Bryan Bergeron, 22nd Surveillance Squadron Oscar Delgado, 45th Security Forces Squadron Mario Posada, 45th Security Forces Squadron STAFF SERGEANT: Weston Anderson, 45th Civil Engineer Squadron James Kirkham, 45th Civil Engineer Squadron Bianka Best, 45th Range Squadron Brandon Gardner, 45th Security Forces Squadron Steven Morales, 45th Security Forces Squadron Nathan Paba, 45th Security Forces Squadron Derek Turner, 45th Security Forces Squadron Phillip Leffel, 709th Technical Maintenance Squadron Pedro Pangelinan, 45th Range Squadron TECHNICAL SERGEANT: Robert Tatum Wilder, 45th Medical Support Squadron Daniel Tanner, 333rd Recruiting Squadron Jarott Leon Gimenez, OL C0S SPECIAL OPERATIONS JX FFS2H0 Adam Wilkinson, OL TF4 JT IA TASK FORCE HQ FFDRP0 MASTER SERGEANT: Adam Peterson, 709th Cyberspace Squadron Brenton Shoemo, 709th Support Squadron SENIOR MASTER SERGEANT: Zachariah Kirby, 45th Civil Engineer Squadron CHIEF MASTER SERGEANT: Randolph Livingston III, 45th Force Support Squadron CAPTAIN: Jose Rosario, OL A DET 4 17 TEST SQ FFWT30 MAJOR: Kasidit Chalaopak, 24th Analysis Squadron Oryan Sagun, OL J6 AFELM SOUTHCOM HQ FFQMV0 Gala Sapp, 45th Medical Operations Squadron Henry Sims, Air Force Technical Applications Center LIEUTENANT COLONEL: Terry Nail, OL DR90 SEC ASST MIL GP FFG9Y0
Congratulations to TSgt Bryan Wilson, TSgt Lucas Lemoine and TSgt Jacob Magana on being selected for Officer Training School. Best wishes on your next Air Force journey!
This morning our Airmen ran a 5K against sexual violence in support of Sexual Assault Awareness Month! #IAsk Congratulations to Tim McCall and Florencia Santiago on having the fastest times for men and women 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ The average 5K run time is 25 mins. Tim, 45th CONS, finished at 17:45! Florencia, Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, finished at 21:38!
What an incredible launch of the Falcon Heavy Arabsat 6A yesterday! Which of our photos is your favorite? 🚀 (📸 by 2nd Lt Alex Preisser, James Rainier and Airman 1st Class Zoe Thacker)
Congratulations again to the men and women of the 45th Space Wing and SpaceX. We had three successful booster landings with some beautiful sonic booms! #PremierGatewaytoSpace
Tonight marks the first successful commercial Falcon Heavy launch and landing. I’m proud to stand alongside everyone on our team as we usher in this new era of next-generation launch vehicles providing 100% mission success from the Eastern Range. Congratulations to the men and women of the 45th Space Wing and SpaceX. We’ve proven yet again that we are the World's #PremierGatewaytoSpace. - Shark 1
T-5 min: Make sure you share your #FalconHeavy launch and landing photos with us! We'll choose our favorite fan photo to be our cover photo until the next launch. Photo: GS Campbell/WGS-10 Favorite
T-15 min: To launch a 70 m and 3,125,735 lbs rocket, you have to have a pretty incredible team working tirelessly to get it off the pad and into orbit safely. Do you have a friend or family member working the #FalconHeavy launch & landings? Tag them and thank them for helping make history! Photo: Craig Bailey/Florida Today
T-30 min: If you aren't on the Space Coast for the second #FalconHeavy launch and want to watch, check out SpaceX’s live feed!
T-45 min: Space enthusiasts from around the globe have been arriving at viewing sites near Cape Canaveral Air Force Station since early this afternoon! Where will you be watching when the launch window opens at 6:35 p.m.?
T-60 min: Happy #NationalPetDay! The first things we teach our pets to do on the Space Coast: Sit, Stay, Launch! Miss Baker was one of the first two animals launched into space and safely return! Post a photo of you and your pet getting ready to watch the #FalconHeavy launch and landings!
Thanks for tuning this evening, but it looks like the #FalconHeavy has a new launch date: Tomorrow! Check back in with us tomorrow for more!
As many settle in to view the second #FalconHeavy launch, the 45th Space Wing Weather team is monitoring upper-level winds. We are now targeting 8:00 p.m. liftoff.
Are you ready for the Falcon Heavy launch? Stay tuned!
We are supporting our friends over at SpaceX & NASA's Kennedy Space Center. We are targeting TONIGHT at 6:35 p.m. EDT for the second launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket! 🚀 (📸 by SpaceX)
Col Ste. Marie, 45th SW vice commander and Laura Tasker, 45th SW sexual assault response coordinator, want YOU to raise awareness for Sexual Assault Awareness Month! This Friday, April 12, at 7 a.m., there will be a Run Against Sexual Violence 5K at Patrick AFB's Warfit Field track. April 15-19, you can donate clothing at the Riverside Dining Facility and 45th SW HQ building. Come out & support your WingMen!
Cape Family Day 2019 was last Saturday and we just have one thing to say — we absolutely love having our Airmen and their families along for the ride on our #Driveto48. Thank you to those who made this day happen and all who attended! 🚀 ( 📸 by TSgt Andrew Satran)
Last Sunday, the Patrick Air Force Base Fire Department responded to four water rescue calls. Our team, along with the 45th Security Forces Squadron and Brevard County Fire & Rescue, helped rescue more than 10 people from dangerous water conditions. SrA Oscar Davila, SrA Alex Melgar, Brandon McGath, Manuel Iglesias, Josh Sexton, William Post and John Pope (not pictured are Rob Minter, SSgt Carl Zahn and SSgt Joshua Brown) were the firefighters and paramedics who risked their lives to save those in our community last weekend. We thank you for your unwavering dedication, bravery and commitment to our core values. What an outstanding team!
During their immersion last month, Brig Gen Schiess and his wife Debbie posed with 5th Space Launch Squadron Airmen in front of a Falcon Heavy booster and now that same booster is preparing to liftoff from the Space Coast! We're just 3 days out from the April 7th launch of the Falcon Heavy Arabsat 6A 🚀 A congratulations is also in order for the Dragons of the 5th SLS, who won the 14th Air Force General Donald J. Kutyna Award for Best Spacelift Squadron! Your dedication to our #Driveto48 is incredibly appreciated 🐉
@vatsanraman @AFResearchLab @AFRL_CC Thank you for following AFOSR! To participate in our upcoming Q&A session, fol…
RT @KattyMaldo: We never stop! @AFOSR #SOARD supporting basic science & @iaucn University Catolica Norte, as great pioneers reached the top…
RT @NASAMoon: “The Eagle has landed.” On 3:17 PM CT (Houston-time) on July 20th, the people of Earth breathed a collective sigh of relief…
RT @NASA: Three space travelers will join the rest of Expedition 60 crew aboard the @Space_Station today — the anniversary of our historic…
RT @NASA: "Eagle, Houston. You are Go for landing. Over." LIVE NOW: Watch special coverage of the original live broadcast of the Apollo 1…
Beginning @ 4:02PM— @NASA TV will replay the @CBS Live broadcast of the #Apollo11 #Moonlanding. The replay of the A…
Have ?'s about Air Force #BasicResearch funding, proposals, white papers, or our grant process? Join us as we launc…
RT @RangamaniUCSD: Our latest paper is online @JGenPhysiol Dendritic spine geometry and spine apparatus organization govern the spatiotempo…
RT @AFSpace: #DYK From @usairforce @AstroHague, who is currently aboard @Space_Station, all the way back to @TheRealBuzz, who was a USAF fi…
RT @AFResearchLab: Dr. Lisa Rueschhoff was one of 82 engineers chosen to attend @theNAEng 2019 U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium! Sh…
RT @AFResearchLab: 50 years before @TheRealBuzz walked on the moon, his father Lt. Edwin E. Aldrin attended the predecessor of the @usairfo
RT @AFResearchLab: AFRL Historian Kevin Rusnak tackles the @usairforce technology that helped send man to the moon! Check out the newest #…
We provide 💰for 👩🏻‍🔬👨🏾‍🔬 working on #BasicResearch for the @usairforce through #grants at academic 🏫 institutions w…
RT @NASAAmes: Is there life on the Moon? No, but 50 years ago we didn’t know the answer to that question. Take a look inside the lab where…
RT @AFResearchLab: Dr. Daniel Garmann has been named a recipient of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers! He l…
@AFResearchLab Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Garmann! 🎉
RT @SMC_CC: Calling All #Innovators! Nov 5th-6th @HiltonSFUnionSq in San Francisco @AF_SMC is going to re-write the book for on-ramping new…
RT @AFRLNMHistory: DATELINE: THE LAB, NEW MEXICO, SUMMER, 1969. DID YOU KNOW? AFRL NM predecessor organization, the Air Force Weapons Lab (…
RT @SUNYPolyInst: It was a pleasure to have hosted the 2019 Quantum Information Science International workshop at our Utica campus last wee…


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*This is a test of the Text Alert system*
TRAFFIC UPDATE: Obstruction at East Gate has been cleared. Traffic to resume normal pattern.
Traffic at East gate is Delayed; Use Caution.
Severe Thunderstorm and Heavy Winds in Brevard County till 6:15 p.m.
This is a test of the 45 SW Text Alert System. Thank you.
Heavy traffic delay Pineda Causeway east bound toward A1A.
TRAFFIC UPDATE: Traffic accident at East Gate cleared, expect minor delays. Stay safe!
TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Traffic accident at East Gate, use alternate gate.
TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Near Pineda & Wickham Road intersection-Heavy Construction and Narrow single lane traffic. Adjust speed and stay safe!
UPDATE: Tornado Watch for Patrick Air Force Base has been canceled.
UPDATE: Tornado Watch for Patrick Air Force Base has extended to 8 p.m. If there are any changes, we will keep you updated.
Be advised, Command Post issued a Tornado watch for the Patrick Air Force Base area from 1:50 p.m. - 4 p.m. If ther…
4 car accident on Pineda Causeway, seek alternate route.
Be cautious when entering & exiting Cape Canaveral Air Force Station due to union strike activities. Anticipate possible delays.
South Patrick Housing (Pelican Coast Housing) is no longer under the precautionary boil water notice.
South Patrick Housing (Pelican Coast Housing) is currently under a precautionary boil water notice. Go to…
The govt shutdown has ended. All furloughed employees should report to work on their next scheduled duty day. If yo…
For info on the current shutdown, impact on base resources, and financial resource options, go to
UPDATED TRAFFIC ADVISORY The A1A northbound lane remains closed from Tables Beach to the East Gate due to an earlie…
Traffic Advisory: A1A is currently closed from Tables Beach to the East Gate. Please use caution when headed to the…