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                                                                      *Current as of Jan. 5, 2018

East Gate


 South Gate Open
PAFB Fitness Center Open                        

 CCAFS Fitness Center  Open


Housing  Open
 FamCamp Open

 Marina   Open  
 CDC Open
 Youth Center Open                        



BX Main Store





 Legal Open  
Finance Open
 Airman & Family Readiness Center Open 

 Vet Clinic Open
 Medical Group Open

Bowling Alley


 Bistro  Open
 Golf Course   Open
Golf Course Clubhouse Open

Tiki Bar      Open   
 Beach House Open                                
 ITT  Open  
 Auto Hobby Shop  Open  
Outdoor Recreation  Open
Beaches  Open   
 The Tides Club Open            

Library   Open

Hurricane Conditions

General Hurricane Season, June 1 to Nov. 30

Hurricane Condition 5 is declared by the 45th Space Wing commander when the forecast calls for the arrival of 58 m.p.h. sustained winds or greater within 96 hours. Monitor storm reports on local radio and television stations.

Hurricane Condition 4 is declared by the 45th Space Wing commander when the forecast calls for the arrival of 58 m.p.h. sustained winds or greater within 72 hours. Stock up emergency supplies. Copy important papers and phone numbers; store in storm-proof place. Individuals evacuating should decide now where to go in preparation for an evacuation order. Monitor storm reports on local radio and television stations. Review the emergency evacuation instructions. Contact your unit for further instructions.


Hurricane Condition 3 is declared by the 45th Space Wing commander when the forecast calls for the arrival of 58 m.p.h. sustained winds or greater within 48 hours. Individuals planning to evacuate should know the route they will take. Contact your unit for further instructions.


Hurricane Condition 2 is declared by the 45th Space Wing commander when the forecast calls for the arrival of 58 m.p.h. sustained winds or greater within 24 hours. Bring in lawn furniture, trash cans, potted plants and other loose objects. Individuals planning to evacuate should know the route they will take. Contact your unit for further instructions. 

Hurricane Condition 1 is declared by the 45th Space Wing commander when the forecast calls for the arrival of 58 m.p.h. sustained winds or greater possible within 12 hours. If in effect, evacuation orders should be followed. Once the storm is within 12 hours, turn refrigerator and freezer to their highest setting; freeze water in jugs. Fill sinks and tubs with water for bathing and sanitary purposes. Residents on high ground away from beaches may consider riding out the storm. All preparations should be complete. Remain indoors if riding out the storm. Listen constantly to storm reports and board windows and glass doors.

Indicates surface winds in excess of 58 m.p.h. are occurring and other dangerous condition associated with the storm are present. All outside activity is strictly prohibited.

Indicates life-threatening storm hazards have passed but damage may persist and only emergency responders and damage assessment personnel are released to move about.

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Not only were our Airmen able to participate in a flag unfurling, pay respect to Medal of Honor recipients and watch the NASCAR race – but they were also able to enjoy a performance by the Air Force's premier rock band, Max Impact! Check out some of the ways Max Impact boosted the morale and American spirit of our Airmen and other race fans at Daytona International Speedway this past weekend!
Good Morning, Sharks! Check out some of the great things our Airmen in the 45th Comptroller Squadron are accomplishing!
Check out more about the flag unfurling at the Daytona Coke Zero 400 by Airmen from the 45th Space Wing and fellow service members!
Our beaches attract visitors every year, and the plastic, aluminum, glass, and other items left behind can harm the environment, especially the 4,500 turtle nests. The debris creates unnecessary hazards on their way into the ocean. Since 2008, over 151 tons of debris have been collected in local beach clean-up efforts. Beach safety and cleanliness is an everyday priority for us. How do you take part in preserving our beaches?
On this day seven years ago, at this exact time, the last space shuttle mission was launched from the Space Coast! Four astronauts were aboard the Atlantis STS-135 as it traveled to the International Space Station – the only time a crew less than seven people ever made the trek. Though the Human Spaceflight program has been resting since the crew's return on July 21, 2011 – stay tuned to see what our great mission partners have planned in regards to sending Americans into space once more! Where were you when the Atlantis launched?
Among our Airmen — there are Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Coastguardsman preparing to take to the infield for a flag unfurl at 7 p.m. on NBC during Daytona’s Coke Zero Sugar 400. Will you be watching?
60 years ago today, Launch Complex 15 was accepted by the Air Force. It was originally built for conducting test flights of the Titan I, and later, the Titan II. The last launch occured in 1964, and then the complex was then demolished in 2011. Launch complexes may be deactivated or demolished but the pivotal role they played in our space advancement cannot be denied.
Keep an eye out for our Airmen at the Coke Zero Sugar 400 NASCAR race tomorrow! The Airmen will be unfurling a flag on the field during the National Anthem prior to race start at 7 p.m., and it will be televised on NBC.
July 1 through July 7 is nationally recognized as Clean Beaches Week. The week is used to celebrate the beaches and to ensure they stay clean, safe and beautiful for future generations and the wildlife they harbor. This week enjoy your local Space Coast beaches, keep an eye out for any debris and educate other on the importance of keeping our beaches clean.
#ThrowbackThursday to earlier this year, when Brig. Gen. Wayne Monteith, and Command Chief Kimberly Vinson helped the 45th Civil Engineer Squadron demolish an old relay station on base.
Meet one of our newest Military Working Dogs, Miki! Miki, along with his other K-9 companions and the 45th Security Forces Squadron, helps keep the 45th Space Wing safe on a daily basis!
Have a fun and safe holiday from all of us at the 45th Space Wing!
Happy Independence Day! Had the honor of re-enlisting MSgt (sel) Kevin Green this morning before he and his family depart the Sharks in a few months. I can think of nothing I’d rather be doing today than playing a very small role in ensuring our United States Air Force is in great hands in the future. Shark 1
This evening Team Patrick-Cape had the opportunity to attend the USSSA Pride Military Appreciation Softball Game at the Space Coast Stadium in Viera, Florida. Although we are honored to represent the armed forces, both past and present, nothing compares to how fortunate we are to have the tremendous support of not only our community but also from the people of United States of America!
July 4th is a day that established the birth of American life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness -- protecting these values daily are servicemen and women across the globe. Thank you for every sacrifice you have made for our Nation. Also, remember as you safely enjoy fireworks tomorrow night, fireworks on Patrick AFB and its beaches are strictly prohibited.
Tuesday, July 3, the East Gate will close at 10 p.m. for the upcoming Independence Day holiday and will resume regularly scheduled hours, Friday, July 6. The South Gate will remain open with 24-hour access through the holiday. Additionally, the Commercial/Oversized Vehicle Gate will close at 5 p.m., Tuesday July 3, and will resume regularly scheduled hours, Friday, July 6.
Congratulations to the following 45th Space Wing Airmen who are scheduled to promote to the following ranks in the month of July. We look forward to seeing more of your great work! SENIOR AIRMAN: George Howell, 45th Civil Engineer Squadron Talia Joseph, 45th Weather Squadron Brian Mclain, 45th Civil Engineer Squadron STAFF SERGEANT: William Coffman, 22nd Surveillance Squadron Albert Howard, 22nd Surveillance Squadron Alec Paulus, 22nd Surveillance Squadron Jeffrey Thompson, 22nd Surveillance Squadron Ryan Schumacher, 45th Aerospace Medicine Squadron Zacchaeus Smith, 45th Civil Engineer Squadron Jessica Cordova, 45th Medical Support Squadron Kelcey Dumas, 45th Medical Operations Squadron Cassandra Swearingen, 45th Medical Support Squadron Kyle Jones, 709th Cyber Capabilities Squadron Zachary Nicewarner, 709th Technical Support Squadron Chase Rexroat, 709th Technical Support Squadron Rydelle Nelson, OL TF4 JT IA TASK FORCE HQ TECHNICAL SERGEANT: Gary Posavad, 45th Medical Operations Squadron Timothy Kelly, 45th Space Communications Squadron Bradley Owens, 45th Weather Squadron Aaron Coates, 5th Space Launch Squadron Jessica Brandt, 709th Support Squadron MASTER SERGEANT: Joshua Shoemaker, OL AA 45 SECURITY FORCES SQ Nathan Neal, OL C0S SPECIAL OPERATIONS JX SENIOR MASTER SERGEANT: Jill Curbo, 45th Force Support Squadron FIRST LIETUENANT: Graham McLaughlin, 45th Launch Support Squadron Ryan Palmer, 709th Cyber Capabilities Squadron CAPTAIN: Kyle Campbell, 45th Launch Support Squadron MAJOR: Devin Long, OL A DET 4 17 TEST SQ LIEUTENANT COLONEL: Matthew Garvin, Air Force Technical Applications Center Carl Jackson, OL J5 AFELM SOUTHCOM GP Jennifer Smith, 45th Comptroller Squadron COLONEL: Karen Bowman, 45th Medical Operations Squadron
The Employee Assistance Program is a new Air Force program that provides free, confidential help to our civilian employees and their famlies who are vital to helping us achieve our mission. The AF EAP/Worklife4You offers a multitude of resources providing counseling, financial and legal services, and Worklife4you helps with issues that you might have. They can be accessed by calling 1-800-222-0364 or online anytime.
Welcome the new Airmen who graduated the First Term Airman Course today! We look forward to working with you and seeing all the great things you will accomplish in your Air Force careers!
Did you catch that launch this morning?! Share your pics in the comments!


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UPDATE: Tornado Watch for Patrick Air Force Base has been canceled.
UPDATE: Tornado Watch for Patrick Air Force Base has extended to 8 p.m. If there are any changes, we will keep you updated.
Be advised, Command Post issued a Tornado watch for the Patrick Air Force Base area from 1:50 p.m. - 4 p.m. If ther…
4 car accident on Pineda Causeway, seek alternate route.
Be cautious when entering & exiting Cape Canaveral Air Force Station due to union strike activities. Anticipate possible delays.
South Patrick Housing (Pelican Coast Housing) is no longer under the precautionary boil water notice.
South Patrick Housing (Pelican Coast Housing) is currently under a precautionary boil water notice. Go to…
The govt shutdown has ended. All furloughed employees should report to work on their next scheduled duty day. If yo…
For info on the current shutdown, impact on base resources, and financial resource options, go to
UPDATED TRAFFIC ADVISORY The A1A northbound lane remains closed from Tables Beach to the East Gate due to an earlie…
Traffic Advisory: A1A is currently closed from Tables Beach to the East Gate. Please use caution when headed to the…
UPDATE: Operations are back to normal at CCAFS. Personnel may use the South Gate.
There is an incident at the port that has shut down inbound and outbound traffic for the CCAFS South Gate. All pers…
East Gate is back open!
The East Gate is closed until further notice to work on a traffic safety light. Please use South Gate. We thank you for your patience!
The newest PAFB/CCAFS facility updates can be found here:
Friends & followers, no more tweets from here for now. Please use our 45th Space Wing Twitter, Facebook &
A & B docks of the Marina are now open. Covered portion of A dock still closed.
A boil water notice is in effect for Patrick Air Force Base and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. We advise against…
All 45SW personnel report 4 duty 13 Sept unless still returning under the Mandatory Evac Order--If u need add'l time coordinate w/supervisor