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*The Finance Office will be open from 0900-1200 on Wednesday 11 Dec 2019.*

The 45th Space Wing Comptroller Squadron is a 45 SW staff agency managing the financial business of Patrick AFB and Cape Canaveral AFS. Its award-winning financial professionals strive for continuous, courteous, and accurate customer service while providing peacetime and wartime world-wide support to all members, both active and retired, of the uniformed services, other members of the DoD components, as well as civilian employees.

The office is located on the ground floor of Bldg. 423. Customer service hours are 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m Monday through Friday.

Many personal financial services are available on the Air Force's "My Pay" website and eFinance (accessible via Virtual Finance on the AF Portal under the "Life and Career" tab), where Airmen may manage their pay, file travel vouchers, and review thousands of FAQs without the face-to-face visits to finance needed in the past.

45 SW active duty members can email 4finance@us.af.mil or call (321) 494-4882 for assistance.